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CTO as a Service

Technology is an essential part of your startup. You need a CTO to control development cost, select ideal technology stack, and manage development resources / team transitions. Especially if you have outsourced your product development, CTO is a right approach to expertize on board.

CMO as a Service

Marketing your product, customer acquisition, brand building and brand awareness are the most complex and error prone process for every startups Easily you could drain your funds in wrong marketing strategies. CMO as a service would bring you best for your Startup.

Software Development Partner

We do recommend every startup should have a dedicated Tech Cofounder. But still you cannot have all the tech skills in 1 person. You need a complete software development team to produce quality product, quicker, and with less cost. StartupsNext can provide your multiple outsourcing options, with or without funding options.

Perfect your Pitch

Funding is a critical phase of your Startup. Great investment partner would also bring you expertize, network, mentorship, B2B contacts to scale your business faster. But do you have your pitch perfected to get the attention from Investors? StartupsNext can help you.

Educating Startups

Every successful startup requires much more due diligence in terms of lean business plan, market research, legal formalities, raising funds… and the list grow. As community, we will educate the founders with all the necessary skills required via events, seminars, and discussion panels.

Startup Community

StartupsNext primary objective is to bring all the startups in Chicago together for collaboration, share resources, educate each other from other’s past mistakes, scale and succeed faster. Join us; we can grow faster as a Team.


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Nathaly Kim Salas

Co Founder

About Us

StartupsNext is a community for talented entrepreneurs, who are aspired to change the world by creating innovative new products and services. StartupsNext will help entrepreneurs in transition from the ‘Big Idea’ to a Successful Startup, software product development, while providing mentorship, access to industry experts, market research and funding resources.

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